The Music of Grand Theft Auto V

Play100s – Welcome To Los Santos (02:34)

Play100s – Smokin’ and Ridin’ (feat. Freddie Gibbs & Problem) (03:32)

Play100s – Old Love / New Love (03:53)

Play100s – Change of Coast (03:12)

Play100s – Nine Is God (04:57)

Play100s – Bassheads (02:45)

Play100s – Stonecutters (04:18)

Play100s – High Pressure Dave (03:15)

Play100s – What’s Next? (02:90)

Play100s – Garbage (03:28)

Play100s – Nowhere To Go (03:59)

Play100s – r – Cali (02:19)

Play100s – Colours (04:23)

Play100s – Hold Up (feat. Nipsey Hustle) (03:52)

Play100s – Life of a Mack (03:24)

Play100s – The Set Up (04:30)

Play100s – Don’t Come Close (03:28)

Play100s – Sleepwalking (03:38)

Play100s – We Were Set Up (03:31)

Play100s – A Legitimate Business Man (02:57)

Play100s – A Haze of Patriotic Fervor (05:30)

Play100s – Los Santos At Night (01:43)

Play100s – North Yankton Memories (04:20)

Play100s – The Grip (03:10)

Play100s – Mr. Trevor Philips (04:25)

Play100s – A Bit of an Awkward Situation (04:42)

Play100s – No Happy Endings (05:19)

Play100s – His Mentor (01:27)

Play100s – (Sounds Kind Of) Fruity (04:44)

Play100s – Minor Turbulence (04:33)

Play100s – Chop the Dog (04:11)

Play100s – A Lonely Man (03:32)

Play100s – You Forget a Thousand Things (03:36)

Play100s – Impotent Rage / Am I Being Clear Now? (02:80)

Play100s – Fresh Meat (04:30)

Play100s – Therapy and Other Hobbies (00:57)

Play100s – Rich Man’s Plaything (04:60)

Play100s – The Agency Heist (03:22)

Play100s – Hillbilly Crank Dealers’ Blues (05:19)

Play100s – Welcome To Los Santos (Outro) (01:11)

Play100s – The Kill (feat. Niki Randa) (03:25)

Play100s – I Am a Madman (05:48)

Play100s – Jasmine (Demo) (04:10)

Play100s – I Get Lifted (02:44)

Play100s – What You Wanna Do (04:80)

Play100s – Can’t Hardly Stand It (02:48)

Play100s – Life of Crime (02:19)

Play100s – Es Toy (03:15)

Play100s – Gabriel (Soulwax Mix) [feat. Valentina] (04:28)

Play100s – I’d Rather Be With You (04:57)

Play100s – Hollywood Nights (05:00)

Play100s – From Nowhere (Baardsen Remix) (04:27)

Play100s – Say That Then (feat. Glasses Malone) (02:52)

Play100s – I Ain’t Living Long Like This (04:45)

Play100s – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (03:43)

Play100s – All the Things She Said (04:16)

Play100s – Harm in Charge (03:59)

Play100s – This Mystic Decade (03:30)

Play100s – Mirror Maru (04:20)

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