Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Original Soundtrack)

Play2 Mello – Sackboy: A Big Adventure (03:56)

Play2 Mello – The Journey… Begins! (04:53)

Play2 Mello – Vex Theme (03:44)

Play2 Mello – Welcome to Loom / Vex Uproarious (03:11)

Play2 Mello – Traveling (05:26)

Play2 Mello – Once Upon a Time in the East (05:20)

Play2 Mello – My Name is Scarlet (01:24)

Play2 Mello – Snowballs, Please! (04:27)

Play2 Mello – Knitted Knights of the Imagisphere (01:22)

Play2 Mello – Move Your Feet (03:55)

Play2 Mello – The Joy of Vex (01:00)

Play2 Mello – Vexterminate! (04:49)

Play2 Mello – Sackboy’s Got the Right Stuffing (00:38)

Play2 Mello – Meet Mama Monkey (00:58)

Play2 Mello – Wild Safari (03:49)

Play2 Mello – Chutes You, Sir! (01:52)

Play2 Mello – In the Cradle of Supay (04:11)

Play2 Mello – El Salto del Sapo (02:26)

Play2 Mello – Just Can’t Get Enough (04:45)

Play2 Mello – A Taste of the Uproar (00:53)

Play2 Mello – Ritmo del Catequil (04:40)

Play2 Mello – Sackboy Takes a Dive (00:34)

Play2 Mello – Bogoff’s Emporium of Flotsam and Jetsam (01:10)

Play2 Mello – Waltz of the Bubbles (04:51)

Play2 Mello – Bogoff’s Big Deal (00:43)

Play2 Mello – Moe Money, Moe Problems (04:10)

Play2 Mello – Material Girl (03:34)

Play2 Mello – A S-Troll Through the Art Galley (02:48)

Play2 Mello – Take On Me (02:31)

Play2 Mello – Shoo-Bee-Doo Hullabaloo (05:00)

Play2 Mello – Vex Victorious (01:00)

Play2 Mello – A Night at the Interstellar Junction (00:56)

Play2 Mello – Stutter Rut (05:51)

Play2 Mello – Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) (05:70)

Play2 Mello – Same Scrap, Different Waaaaaay… (04:80)

Play2 Mello – Clutch Rocket (06:90)

Play2 Mello – Vex Vainglorious (01:46)

Play2 Mello – Mind the Trap (04:37)

Play2 Mello – Stitches of Steel (04:26)

Play2 Mello – The Uproar (00:40)

Play2 Mello – House of Fun (04:50)

Play2 Mello – Steel Yourself (00:55)

Play2 Mello – The Final Showdown (05:27)

Play2 Mello – Vex Gets Sacked (00:53)

Play2 Mello – A Hero and a Friend (01:13)

Play2 Mello – The Gardens (Tokyo Machine Remix) (03:40)

Play2 Mello – Assault and Pepper (01:60)

Play2 Mello – Rated Zom for Mild In-Tents-ity (00:48)

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