Star Trek: Discovery (Season 3) [Original Series Soundtrack]


Jeff Russo
Music, Original Score, Soundtrack • 2021

Released: Apr 16, 2021
Number of Tracks: 40
Quality: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC

PlayJeff Russo – Burnham Crash Lands (01:58)

PlayJeff Russo – Book’s Ship / Hello Grudge (03:16)

PlayJeff Russo – Federation Is Gone (03:26)

PlayJeff Russo – Sanctuary (01:46)

PlayJeff Russo – Meeting Zareh (03:38)

PlayJeff Russo – Georgiou and Zareh (03:12)

PlayJeff Russo – It’s You, Saru (01:48)

PlayJeff Russo – Grow Through Change (03:38)

PlayJeff Russo – Starfleet Academy (01:49)

PlayJeff Russo – Hugh’s Log (02:15)

PlayJeff Russo – Entering The Pool (02:60)

PlayJeff Russo – Adira Accepted (02:26)

PlayJeff Russo – Gray and Adira’s Melody (Discovery Lullaby) (01:60)

PlayJeff Russo – Federation HQ (03:52)

PlayJeff Russo – Barzan Family (01:37)

PlayJeff Russo – Cryo Tombs / Attis Attacks (02:25)

PlayJeff Russo – Leaving Nhan (02:15)

PlayJeff Russo – Reunited With Book (02:53)

PlayJeff Russo – The Escape (05:15)

PlayJeff Russo – Osyraa Wants Ryn (03:25)

PlayJeff Russo – Kyheem and Osyraa (02:21)

PlayJeff Russo – Work Together (02:45)

PlayJeff Russo – Duet for Cello and Piano (01:32)

PlayJeff Russo – Terran Stories (01:39)

PlayJeff Russo – The Charon (01:22)

PlayJeff Russo – Fireflies (03:60)

PlayJeff Russo – Killing Traitors (01:57)

PlayJeff Russo – The Guardian (01:54)

PlayJeff Russo – Georgiou Goodbye (06:22)

PlayJeff Russo – Meeting Survivor (02:43)

PlayJeff Russo – Andorian Opera (03:31)

PlayJeff Russo – Michael’s Win (02:29)

PlayJeff Russo – Michael To The Rescue (01:40)

PlayJeff Russo – Sending Stamets to HQ (01:45)

PlayJeff Russo – Dots Will Help (01:36)

PlayJeff Russo – Deliver The Bomb (05:48)

PlayJeff Russo – Resetting The Datacore (02:39)

PlayJeff Russo – Book Jumps (01:14)

PlayJeff Russo – Reuniting The Federation (02:16)

PlayJeff Russo – Captain Burnham (04:28)

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