Spirited Away (Original Soundtrack)


Joe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura
Anime, Classical, Music, Original Score, Soundtrack • 1970

Released: Jan 01, 1970
Country: USA
Number of Tracks: 21
Quality: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – One Summer’s Day (03:90)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – A Road to Somewhere (02:70)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – The Empty Restaurant (03:15)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Nighttime Coming (02:00)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – The Dragon Boy (02:12)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Sootballs (02:33)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Procession of Gods (03:00)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Yubaba (03:30)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Bathhouse Morning (02:20)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Day of the River (03:13)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – It’s Hard Work (02:26)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – The Stink God (04:10)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Sen’s Courage (02:45)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – The Bottomless Pit (01:18)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Kaonashi (No Face) (03:47)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – The Sixth Station (03:38)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Yubaba’s Panic (01:38)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – The House at Swamp Bottom (01:29)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Reprise (04:53)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – The Return (03:20)

PlayJoe Hisaishi,Yumi Kimura – Always With Me (03:35)

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  1. I’ve heard that Di$ney’s not gonna show this picture in USA…what a shame! Too bad ’cause it will beat Titanic in Japan! So do yourself a favor and buy this OST, it is like any other OST Hisaishi has done for Miyazaki: sweet, haunting, original, beautiful… Magical in one word!

  2. Sad to say, I missed seeing the movie when I was over in Japan, largely due to the fact that my Japanese wasn’t quite up to scratch to understand it (a regret: I should have watched it even though I could only understand some of it). However, after listening to the music at one of the listening booths at the Ginza HMV, I simply HAD to buy this soundtrack…In my personal opinion, the music of a movie accounts for 70-80% of how good the movie is, because it sets the emotional atmosphere of the movie. My two personal favourites are tracks 05 and 10 (especially if you crank up the volume with a GOOD pair of headphones), because the emotional depth of the soundtrack completely captivated me. I would say this ranks up there with the Laputa and Mononoke Hime soundtracks, definitely one of the best out of Studio Ghibli. You should DEFINITELY make a point to buy this OST if you haven’t already.
    With regards to the movie coming out in the States, I hear that it’s already going to France and Hong Kong, and seeing as how Disney has invested quite a large sum of money to help make this film, I don’t see why they wouldn’t bring it to the States (especially since it has done so well in Japan – it already broke the attendance record for “Titanic”, and they expect it to beat the box office gross earnings sometime in November).


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