One Door over: Season One (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Benjamin Kapit
Music, Original Score, Soundtrack • 2021

Released: Jan 19, 2021
Number of Tracks: 33
Quality: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC

PlayBenjamin Kapit – A Short Introduction to Our Story (01:00)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – My Name Is Matthew Miller (00:52)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Welcome to the Rest of Your Life (02:60)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – On the Chances of Us Being Neighbors (00:26)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Matt Meets Emma, Emma Meets Matt (01:17)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Running Through Crosby to Find 220 (00:50)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – We’re off to See the Katie, The Wonderful Katie of Kendrick (03:16)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Why Is the Truth Still Mean If It’s the Truth? (01:19)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Cameron and (Kind of) His Theme (00:37)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Thea and Cameron and an Uncomfortable Reunion (00:43)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Who Isn’t Going Places? (05:32)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – A Gorgeous Moment for Matt and Katie (00:47)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Seth and Cameron Go for a Swing (02:53)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Matt and Seth, Cameron and Thea, Matt and Cameron, Emma, Thea, And Seth (06:57)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – He’s There to Help Explain the Inexplicable (02:38)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – There’s Nothing to Say at This Point (01:27)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Emma’s Interesting and Abrupt Return (00:52)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – We Don’t Need to Fix Her, We Just Need to Be There for Her (02:40)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – A Quiet and Awkward Dinner (05:29)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Packing Is the Worst Thing Since Silly Bandz (00:28)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – The Start of a Very Long Break (01:53)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – There Are Only Seven People You Can Ever Fall in Love With (02:44)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – The Departing of Matthew Miller and Seth Altman (02:33)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Why Are They Getting so Close to Each Other? (01:14)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – All Matt Can See Is the Sunlight on Emma’s Hair (00:53)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Douglas Gives His Seventeen Cents (04:00)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – A Farewell to Cameron and Thea (00:59)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – A Walk Between Friends (03:13)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – One Last Look at Campus Before We End Our Story (01:11)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – The Berkshire Theme (01:35)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Playing Chess Is Only Fun If Everyone Knows They’re Playing (02:25)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – Matthew Miller Saves the World (01:30)

PlayBenjamin Kapit – A Beautiful Way of Seeing the World (01:33)

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