K-Drama Romance


B&B Project, S and H Project
Music, Soundtrack • 2020

Released: Jul 03, 2020
Number of Tracks: 20
Quality: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC

PlayB&B Project – 사랑해도될까요 May I Love You (From Sbs Drama “파리의연인 Paris”) (03:39)

PlayB&B Project – Someday (From Kbs Drama “Dream High”) (03:36)

PlayB&B Project – 보고싶다 Missing You (From SBS Drama “천국의계단 Paradise”) (04:30)

PlayB&B Project – 그여자 The Girl (From SBS Drama “시크릿가든 Secret Garden”) (04:32)

PlayB&B Project – 십년이지나도 Even 10 Years Gone (From MBC Drama ” 슬픈연가Sad Love Song”) (05:90)

PlayB&B Project – 애인있어요 Do You Have Lover (From MBC Drama “Last Scandal”) (04:40)

PlayB&B Project – 가슴아파도 Even My Heart Hurts (From SBS Drama “Fashion 70’s”) (04:22)

PlayB&B Project – 미련한사랑 Stupid Love( From MBD Drama “위기의남자 Crisis”) (04:41)

PlayB&B Project – 이유 A Reason (From SBS Drama “시크릿가든 Secret Garden”) (04:10)

PlayB&B Project – 잊지말아요Don’t Forget (From KBS Drama “아이리스 Iris”) (04:50)

PlayB&B Project – 처음부터지금까지 From Beginning (From KBS Drama “Winter Sonata”) (04:28)

PlayB&B Project – Hot Stuff (From KBS Drama “아가씨를 부탁해 Lady Castle”) (03:39)

PlayB&B Project – 사랑아 Oh My Dear Love (From SBS Drama “Woman”) (03:57)

PlayB&B Project – 사랑해요 I Love You (From SBS Drama ” 아테나 전쟁의여신 Athena”) (03:22)

PlayB&B Project – 미친사랑의노래 Crazy Love Song (From KBS Drama “투명인간최장수 Jang Su”) (03:32)

PlayB&B Project – 사랑이지나가면 When Love Passes (From SBS Drama “홍콩익스프레스 Hong Kong”) (04:17)

PlayB&B Project – 눈의꽃Snow Flower (From KBS Drama “미안하다 사랑한다 Misai”) (05:21)

PlayB&B Project – 그리고 하나 And One Thing (From SBS Drama “The Wind Is Blowing”) (04:12)

PlayB&B Project – 천년연가 Thousand Love Song (From MBS Drama “太王四神記 Legend”) (03:54)

PlayB&B Project – Dash Girl (From KBS Drama ” 아가씨를 부탁해 Lady Castle”) (03:23)

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