Anime, Music, Soundtrack • 2020

Released: Mar 30, 2020
Country: USA
Number of Tracks: 48
Quality: MP3 320 kbps / FLAC

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – HOLE (01:39)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – (病) (01:56)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – AM 0:00 (02:80)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – EL CORAZON (01:38)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – SMOKE (02:90)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – VICTIM (01:59)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – TIC TOC (02:10)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – ROAM ↑↓ (01:58)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – HUNT (01:48)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Spinning Bunny Kick (01:52)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – ARROGANT (02:10)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – OZOI (01:46)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Lovely Magic (02:00)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Shocking! (01:34)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – OPEN THE DOOR (01:55)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – THE BOSS -Death mushrooms- (01:49)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Time Suspense (02:10)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Upset small t**s (01:38)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – NVM (00:28)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – MAD COOKING (02:17)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – INSANE (01:44)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – FUNNY FAMILY (01:44)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Man in the Mouth (01:36)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Damn it (02:10)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – CROSS EYE (01:28)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Residue (01:23)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Sewage (01:42)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – UNDONE (01:40)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Alley (01:29)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – 雪龍館 (01:26)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Crawl (01:32)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Wet Egg (01:30)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Spines Sting (01:28)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – DIG DIG DIG DUG (01:23)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Same-Old sAMe-oLd (00:26)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Mess up (01:26)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Never boil (01:29)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Bright Workplace (01:43)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Worms (01:28)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – UNJYABA-UNJYABA (01:20)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – わかったこと (00:20)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Transform (00:45)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – 1000手観音 (01:47)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Don’t stop killing (00:59)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – Black Powder (01:38)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – BLUE NIGHT (01:49)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – ドリームキノコ (02:30)

Play(K)NoW_NAME,煙(CV堀内賢雄) – LIVING DEAD DAY (01:29)

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  1. Just watched two episodes, and I enjoyed it a lot. The story is a bit complex at first sight, but after some time you started to understand whats going on. The atmosphere is amazing- grim, distopian, post-apocalyptic kinda setting mixed with Mobeus style elements, and Manhunt and Hotline Miami (games) style masked characters. Lots of violence and gags. Amazing.

  2. Action is great and story is unique too. Anime style is unique too overall good anime. Definitely deserve much more attention. Can be a masterpiece of all time


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